Coca Cola

Customer Introduction

Taikoo Coca-Cola is a full-class beverage company that provides more than 500 brands of drinks in more than 200 countries and regions. From reducing sugar in the beverage to introducing innovative products, the company's product portfolio continues to introduce new. Coca-Cola has been committed to reducing the environmental impact, working hard to promote water feedback and packaging recycling. In China, Taikoo Coca-Cola provides consumers with more than 20 brands, more than 100 kinds of beverages for drinks. There are 46 factories in Hua, with more than 49,000 system employees. At the same time as business continues to develop, Coca-Cola China and bottling partners are also committed to achieving the sustainable development of local society, and consumer multivariate beverage demand, care about the quality of the product, and carefully the development of the environment.

Customer Challenges

Challenge 1
IT operations under various states of more than 20,000 employees in China (including Hong Kong), allowing IT operation and maintenance managers to face great challenges, including personnel entering post, transfer, part-time, return and other account management bullets open and recycle lag And there is no unified authorization management.
Challenge 2
There are dozens of old applications in the enterprise unable to complete identity: enterprises begin to seek solutions in six or seven years ago, and they can't completely solve the problems of many years after more than a dozen types of suppliers turned over.
Challenge 3
Employees need to remember dozens of username / passwords, password strategies, and have diverse certification methods. When accessing different systems, you need multiple certifications, and the employee experience is not good.

How Authing Solves

The unified login scheme provided by Authing, through employee account synchronization, employee accounts for dozens of applications such as AD, AAD, Enterprise WeChat, and Self-Research Systems, to log in to all applications for Coca-Cola. WeChat account.
Authing help Coca-Cola realizes the company's WeChat scan code login, solves the employee multi-account, multi-password, multi-application to switch the pain points of the login, improve employee satisfaction and experience.
Authing Automation Account Life Cycle Management Instead of Coca-Cola Current manual account management, batch management employees enter the post, authorized application and color, deactivate, archive, delete, organizational architecture adjustment, etc. Establish a single identity to synchronize attribute information in a unified directory, output unique standard data outward, facilitate IT management.

Integration in 5 minutes

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.
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