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Southeast University

Customer Introduction

Southeast University, located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, is a famous institution of higher learning at home and abroad. The university is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China and jointly built with Jiangsu Province. It is one of the key universities under the "985 Project" and "211 Project" of the people's Republic of China.

At present, Southeast University has 33 departments and 77 undergraduate majors, with 33 first-class doctoral degree authorization points and 49 first-class master degree authorization points. There are 30664 full-time students, including 16128 undergraduates and 14536 postgraduates, and 1989 international students, including 1547 international students with academic qualifications. The school has Sipailou, Jiulong Lake, Dingjiaqiao, and other campuses, covering an area of 5,888 acres, of which the Jiulong Lake campus is 3,752.35 acres, with a total construction area of about 789,700 square meters.


Customer Challenges

Southeast University encountered the problem of single sign-on in the development of the BIM system. It needs to unite the self-developed system (BIM system) and the tripartite system (odoo, strapi, C9. IO) for unified authentication and authorization. However, the research and development of the BIM system itself are extremely complex. If the research and development of single sign-on are carried out at the same time, it will slow down the online speed of the project and ultimately affect the use of site staff. Also the BIM system has not only the web side but also the small program side. The research and development of multi-terminal and cross-platform user systems will introduce other complex problems. Besides, due to the complexity of BIM organization and the need for fine-grained authority classification, the research and development of a role-based authorization model will slow down the online speed of the system.

How Authing Solves

Authing attaches importance to the education market, provides one-to-one consulting and technical services for Southeast University, accelerates its system to go online and supports business success.
Authing uses OAuth 2.0-based single sign-on scheme to connect BIM system with odoo, strapi and; uses RBAC-based authorization scheme to unify the authorization classification of organizations and staff; uses Cross-Platform SDK(Java、Delphi、C#、Node)to realize cross-platform user system (including small programs) with five lines of code.

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