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Customer Introduction

JCDecaux Group was founded in 1964, is the world's number one international outdoor media company, and is listed on Euronext in Paris. With operations in 3,688 cities in more than 50 countries around the world, JCDecaux entered the Chinese market in 2005, with business in 12 cities (including Hong Kong and Macau), 163,355 advertising spaces, 21% urban population coverage, and 170 million audience visits every day . There are more than 1,300 employees in China.

As a leading outdoor advertising company in China, JCDecaux China provides the best services in the four major areas of subway media, public transportation, several games and receiving facilities media.


Customer Challenges

Challenge 1
The security management of advertising screen equipment deployed by JCDecaux China in 12 cities is difficult. The current self-developed technology has a long implementation period and high cost.
Challenge 2
Self-developed identity management and authorization of multiple applications such as B2B and B2E advertising platforms, as well as the completion of authorized logins for multiple applications and advertising devices, have brought great workload to the R&D team.
Challenge 3
1000+ advertising equipment cannot achieve unified management and operation strategies, which brings a great workload to operation and maintenance personnel.

How Authing Solves

Aiming at the unified identity authentication and management issues of JCDecaux China’s self-developed advertising platform, the Authing identity cloud product is used to help employees centralize access and control of equipment, build urban regional center authentication nodes, and improve equipment authentication availability, stability and performance. At the same time, the application status is monitored in real time to ensure unified management and safety of equipment.
Directly call Authing's API interface based on identity management to quickly implement identity supply and management within the enterprise, realize the functions of employee account and organization opening, activation, deactivation, deletion and deactivation, and provide user and organization information synchronization for downstream users.
Access the internal application system of the enterprise to complete account synchronization, single sign-on and access authorization.

Integrate Authing in 5 minutes

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.