Demand challenge
Campus information security facing challenges frequently
Schools often suffer from network attacks, and the privacy of students' status information is greatly enhanced. There is endless news of students' information leakage, and the students and their parents who have been leaked are frequently bombarded with junk messages through sales calls.
Old software costs a lot
The old software of the school still consumes the maintenance cost, and the school needs to be modernized urgently. In the face of checking scores, online large-scale live conferences, often face server downtime, student parents' login failure, and other peak fluctuations, leading to a significant decline in the sense of experience.
The demand for authority management is imminent
The user roles in education scenarios have a long cycle and a large number of changes. They are faced with the challenge of authority control between cycles. Different roles will face multiple authentication scenarios.
Difficulties in digital transformation
It is difficult to have a perfect cross-platform, multi-functional SDK, and API in various languages. Some of them can not even become a unified identity source by themselves. They do not have any business and technical expansibility, which hinders the implementation and deployment of new technologies and applications in the future and makes the school lose its digital foresight and competitiveness. Due to the school's demand for the customized login process and brand UI, most of the unified identity management platforms still rely on consuming huge human resources to do secondary customized development, which can not quickly realize UI configuration.
Programme Value
Integrate all educational resources to make knowledge accessible
7*24,Protect students' information security
It is easy to operate without maintenance
Everything is set as you wish, not just UI and domain name
Integrate all educational resources to make knowledge accessible
Libraries, science and technology museums, museums and other digital knowledge are stored in their own systems, and there is a distance from each student. Authing should get through the distance between all digital education resources and students. Let the student through an account, through a screen can obtain any knowledge he needs.
7*24,Protect students' information security
Each functional department of the school contains a large number of sensitive data, so safe operation is very important. Authing constructs an all-round, multi-level, and perfect identity security system, which can ensure data security on the basis of network security. According to the design requirements of infrastructure and various application systems, different security policies and measures are adopted to ensure system security. Authing ensures that each user can and can only access the corresponding information resources and application services through identity authentication, role definition, and permission allocation. It is a user management platform that can be used, checked, and tracked within 7 days * 24 hours to protect students' information security.
It is easy to operate without maintenance
Excellent teachers are the most valuable asset of every school. Their enthusiasm, motivation and enthusiasm can inspire and attract students and ultimately make them achieve the most. Authing makes the user management system clear structure, friendly interface, simple operation and no maintenance. Let every teacher put all his energy on the students, no longer troubled by the maintenance system.
Everything is set as you wish, not just UI and domain name
The authing user login component helps developers avoid a lot of implementation details of low-level authentication, including tedious UI development. It is an embedded login form, which can be customized according to the needs of different schools. Provide cross-platform, 10 + language software development kit (SDK) and the application interface (API), can quickly and safely integrate user authentication into various applications.
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