Demand challenge
Security and user experience cannot be balanced
Simple login design and easy authentication process do not mean sacrificing user experience and leaving no security risks
Difficulty in access control
There are groupings in various formats in multiplayer games, and permission control becomes particularly difficult. The permission issue makes every game company a headache.
The higher the willingness to pay, the more game fraud
With the continuous development of the gaming industry, people's electronic games have become longer and longer, and their willingness to pay has become higher. At the same time, fraud in the game has become more serious, and users' property interests are easily violated.
User system development cycle is long, affecting the online game
User system and identity authentication are not the core of development, but they are also a very important link. Lengthy user system development time will greatly delay the launch time of the game.
Programme Value
Keep it safe and have fun
Identity authentication, from complex to simplified
Authority management, flexible and powerful
Rapid deployment, speed up the game
Keep it safe and have fun
Authing does not allow companies or developers to choose between security and user experience. You can configure the two-step authentication strategy and choose the authentication method that suits your users.
Identity authentication, from complex to simplified
Authing can be easily implemented in any heterogeneous environment, no matter what language or technology stack. Authing provides software development kits (SDKs) and application interfaces (APIs) in 10+ mainstream languages, and it is convenient for you to quickly deploy Authing in public or hybrid clouds.
Authority management, flexible and powerful
RBAC and ABAC-based permission control are more flexible and powerful. The permissions of each user are controlled by the roles you create.
Rapid deployment, speed up the game
Quickly deploy the identity link, speed up the game launch, reduce development man-hours related to certification by 51%, and reduce operation and management time by 200 hours.
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