Building an identity system
How to choose open-source framework and enterprise software?
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Keycloak is an open-source software product designed to provide a single sign-on a tool with identity management and access management functions for modern applications and services. Authing is an enterprise-level identity authentication product, which integrates all the mainstream identity authentication protocols and provides complete and secure user authentication and access management services for enterprises and developers.
Advantages & problems of open source software
Free for commercial use
Reduce the cost of development, quickly launch their own products
Very flexible,and can customize and modify the source code
Everyone can access the code, and anyone can actively modify the bug to make it better

First of all, open-source software is not completely free. Developers develop products and open source code according to their own wishes, but this is not the demand of consumers, which leads to the reduction of user experience and requires additional time or cost to get technical help. Secondly, the security of open-source software is low. When an open source component has a vulnerability, the vulnerability will be quickly disclosed so that developers can perform the necessary repair. However, hackers can not help but see what information is vulnerable to any attack, and they need to pay attention to potential threats.

Since open-source software can be freely available on the Internet, it brings a large number of users' suggestions on bug fixing. This may lead to a large number of patches, making the source code more complex, and even structural problems, which often lead to high maintenance costs and high maintenance costs. Without the stimulation of commercial profits, open-source software is bound to lack a healthy upstream and downstream "ecosystem". To achieve direct commercial profits through open source software, we must carry out the necessary deep development.

Enterprise software
No pants are suitable for everyone, no software is suitable for all enterprises, and software solutions and services for enterprises are always more important than software products. Therefore, enterprise-class software tailored for enterprises stands out in the market and receives more attention.

Compared with open source software, enterprise software is usually tailored for large enterprises with a large number of features. Suppliers are well aware of the needs of industry standards and standard companies and include these concepts in their programming, which can not only bring professional technical support, but also help companies maintain competitiveness. Besides, standard enterprise software does not require a lot of programming work, and is usually "out of the box". Therefore, the special temptation of open source is negligible for enterprise business, which will greatly improve enterprise efficiency. In addition, enterprise-level software is often updated, which not only upgrades functions but also fixes vulnerabilities, which is more secure than open-source software.

The emergence of open-source software has brought good news to the vast number of developers so that developers can save the trouble of rewriting code. The birth of enterprise products directly liberates hands, that is, take and use, with comprehensive services to provide security for enterprises.

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Keycloak or Authing?
Authing and Keycloak support many standard functions in authentication and access management solutions, such as secure registration and authentication, OAuth token and API key management, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA). They are also free and available from the active user community.
Authentication of web and mobile
Connect to custom database
Fine grained access control
Login form component
Multiple applications and single sign on
Dynamic adaptive multi-factor authentication
User management interface
Self hosting and private cloud options
Audit log
Support multiple SDK
Business support
Security Patch
Custom user data
Password leak detection (real time)
Language internationalization
Connect Custom Social login
Password strength
Webhooks and events
Strong data isolation
Support multi tenant applications
Brute force detection
Custom password encryption algorithm
Implementation of custom password encryption algorithm through plug-in
Advanced user search and segmentation
Email template
No password change required for user migration
Advanced licensing and compliance management
Customized function development
Second level installation and deployment
Fast request response time
Perfect development documents
Function comparison between Authing and Keycloak
User experience UI / UE
From the perspective of user experience, the Keycloak console is a traditional industrial style, which is old in an interactive experience and unfriendly in user operation. In contrast, the business logic of Authing console is more friendly and the business arrangement is clearer.
Standard authentication protocols supported by default
Keycloak currently only supports OIDC and SAML2.0 protocols, while Authing supports OAuth 2.0, OIDC, SAML, AD / LDAP, WS fed and other mainstream authentication protocols.
Webhooks and events
Keylcoak doesn't support webhooks, but it can be customized through a complex extension of SPI, which is very complex to implement. Authing supports webhooks. The user pool administrator can configure the notification address of all kinds of events in the console. When your platform has users registering, logging in, modifying personal data and password, your server will be automatically informed.
Business support
Keycloak is based on the business application friendly Apache license protocol, but Keycloak still has some work to do to make it commercial, and its efficiency is very low. In terms of business support, Authing not only has 3000 free API calls to experience all functions but also has different types of customized services such as developer version advanced version and enterprise version, to fully meet the business needs of customers.
Security Patch
Keycloak, as an open-source software, is relatively slow to update. As professional enterprise software, Authing will release function updates and patches regularly. Authing also offers many support and hosting options for companies with platform dependencies.
No password change required for user migration
Keycloak can't realize user migration without changing the password. Authing supports the implementation of user-defined password encryption and decryption functions through function calculation and can customize password verification logic so that users can seamlessly migrate to Authing.
Advanced licensing and compliance management
Keycloak doesn't have a perfect advanced license and compliance management, but Authing has international authoritative security certification and a mature information security management system, which can guarantee the whole life cycle of software, and has reliable data security protection and all-weather security emergency response measures.
Second level installation and deployment
Keycloak provides traditional deployment methods, such as supporting multiple container deployment clusters, supporting centralized configuration management, supporting private deployment in the complex network environments, and so on. Authing also supports these. Also, Authing provides private deployment services for enterprise users and provides one-click deployment installation package, which can deploy Authing to your internal server in seconds.
Customized function development
Keycloak does not provide custom function development. Authing can customize an exclusive identity authentication platform for enterprises according to the needs of customers.
Keycloak,as an open-source software, can be used out of the box in simple scenarios, but if you want to configure more complex scenarios, its operation difficulty and workload will also increase. Authing, as an enterprise level professional product, is smooth and simple, and takes less time to integrate. If enterprises want to quickly improve production efficiency, enhance security, and promote business development, Authing must be a more correct choice.
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