Challenges faced by modern enterprises and organizations
In today's highly interconnected office environment, organizational teams are distributed around the world, and people use a variety of devices and applications to work. This means that enterprises must ensure a secure access environment for users on a variety of devices and platforms.
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Pain point

For enterprises competing in the "borderless and digital world", protecting sensitive systems and customer confidential data is crucial. However, the current network security situation is not optimistic. According to Forbes, there were 4.1 billion records of data leakage in the first half of 2019 alone. In 2020, many illegal elements use enterprise security loopholes to commit cybercrimes, causing social and economic chaos.

Protecting and utilizing digital identity information is crucial. When customer data is abused or stolen due to improper maintenance, the enterprise will not only suffer business losses but also may face huge compliance fines and other legal penalties.


Security and identity are complementary. An identity-centric security approach can better manage people, devices and applications. Now more and more enterprises begin to use IDaaS services. These services not only help them to manage their identities efficiently but also protect their sensitive systems and confidential information from infringement.

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Investing in IDaaS will greatly help protect enterprise data from attacks, while enabling employees to work more effectively and providing more value to enterprise customers.

Besides, according to a recent study by Zsclarer, to cope with the new epidemic in 2020, 75% of enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation plan to meet the needs of fast-growing customers, and the digital transformation will continue.

As companies accelerate their digital transformation, they find that "identity and access management" is critical to business success. But at the same time, the implementation of identity and access management is complex and full of risks. In short, a sound identity and access management solution can determine the success or failure of a digital transformation project. A successful digital transformation project includes identity and access management solution from the beginning.

The proportion of China's GDP and its expenditure of enterprises in the world in 2016-2019
Note: the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar is calculated according to the annual average exchange rate of RMB published in the statistical bulletin of national economic and social development. It expenditure, software expenditure, and service expenditure. Source: comprehensive IMF, Gartner, public data, and iResearch statistical prediction model estimation, independent research, and drawing by iResearch Consulting Research Institute.
authing idaas need
According to the data from 2016 to 2019, the proportion of its expenditure of Chinese enterprises in the world, and the relative ratio of GDP, the digitization degree of Chinese enterprises is in rapid growth. As companies gradually recover from the global epidemic in 2020, they will also face a large backlog of its projects. However, the funds used to complete these projects are limited. The Gartner report predicts that CIOs may focus their spending on "subscriptions" and "cloud services" to reduce costs. By 2020, infrastructure as a service (LAAS) space is expected to grow by 13.4% to $50.4 billion, and 27.6% to $64.3 billion by 2021.
Therefore, the construction of identity cloud IDaaS will help enterprises realize digital transformation faster, reduce financial burden, and effectively avoid creating obstacles for enterprise development, and increase unnecessary costs.
Self-built or purchased third party identity cloud IDaaS ?
Reduce development costs
Third-party IDaaS accelerates enterprise innovation
Many companies choose to build an internal identity management system from scratch, but this is often difficult to adapt to today's business needs. It takes at least a few months from design to online identity system, which is expensive and labor cost is high. Purchasing a complete third-party identity authentication solution can save the manpower and material resources spent on self-construction, and IDaaS vendors represented by Authing support monthly subscription payments, which can greatly reduce expenses.
More and more companies find that adopting third-party identity authentication solutions is faster and easier than building their own. By removing the "identity authentication" from the "plate" of the project, valuable R&D time can be freed, and R&D personnel can focus more on building business logic and enhancing the value of core products instead of building and maintaining corporate identity solutions .
Every business has its own identity provider and infrastructure. Using third-party identity authentication solutions, companies can complete the integration with any identity provider in an hour or less. By saving thousands of hours of time, companies can focus more on core competitiveness, which speeds up the pace of innovation and enables companies to create more value for customers.
Authing creates an exclusive identity cloud IDaaS service for your enterprise
As an enterprise level identity management service, authing is not only a software provider, but also a business consulting partner of enterprises. Authing has built exclusive IDaaS services for many of the world's top 500 enterprises.
Authing builds identity infrastructure for enterprises to accelerate application development and integration through the following three steps:
01In the early stage, detailed demand collection and investigation are conducted to deeply understand the business status of the enterprise. Combined with the actual scene, the detailed IDA as construction scheme and project schedule is sorted out.
02After the scheme is confirmed, the Authing core is deployed to the private cloud environment of the enterprise by taking advantage of the original cloud architecture of Authing, and the existing 700+ API is used for flexible and quick two times development until the delivery is completed.
03Delivery success is just beginning. As an enterprise-level identity management service, Authing is not only a software provider but also a business consulting partner of an enterprise. Authing has an experienced customer success team, which escorts the identity security of enterprises 7 * 24 hours, and provides technical and business consulting services for enterprises.
The IDaaS built by Authing can bring you the following value
Perfect identity service, improve user experience
Identity management runs through all the services provided by enterprises for users. An excellent identity management scheme will capture and store user information in an all-round way, from user registration and login, to tracking user preferences in services, and then to precision marketing.
authing idaas dashbord
Authing identity Center
authing idaas pipeline
Pipeline of Authing
Reduce enterprise development cost
Subscribing to Authing will save the cost of building an identity management system and reduce the burden of future maintenance and upgrading. The liberated human and material resources can enable the development team to focus on the core business, develop new growth space for the enterprise's innovation ability, and accelerate the time of product delivery and listing.
Improve operation management efficiency
The internal business of large enterprises and organizations is usually divided according to the dimensions of "region" and "department". Different businesses usually need to ensure independence. Authing identity cloud uses multi tenant technology to help enterprises solve the problem of business and data isolation. At the same time, Authing's enterprise operation center can help administrators manage and operate the tenants conveniently.
authing idaas tenant
Authing enterprise operation center - tenant management
authing idaas setting
Security configuration of Authing
Enhance identity security and protect data assets
Dynamic token, face recognition and other multi-factor authentication (MFA) functions can comprehensively improve the system access security and ensure the user access security.
Improve the scalability of the system
Once the Identity Management API development kit is purchased, the development team can integrate the application to be developed on the platform, without repeated construction and purchase of identity management scheme, which is very friendly to developers. Enterprises can expand the product matrix based on this feature without additional cost for identity management.
authing idaas sdk
Some SDK of Authing
“ IDaaS is a catalyst for enterprises to rapidly realize digital transformation. As a leading identity cloud IDaaS service provider, Authing is constantly creating more value for enterprises.”
List of features required to be included in standard identity cloud
The following is a list of functions that a standard identity cloud IDaaS needs to include. Of course, each enterprise has its own unique organizational form and business model.
Primary function
Secondary function
Unified account
User management
User batch import and export
Add / delete / modify / check the user account number item by item / batch
User attribute management (basic field + user defined field)
User status management (enable / unlock / disable / activate, etc.)
User password reset
Organization and management
Multi level organization structure tree
Organization and management
User group management
User group creation / query / deletion, etc
User group attribute management
Directory synchronization
Account synchronization (upstream synchronization)
Unified certification
Authentication source management
It supports authentication source configuration, supports adding enterprise wechat, ad authentication source and LDAP authentication source; supports user-defined authentication source, including authentication source based on openid, SAML and CAS protocol.
Authentication method
Support multi-factor authentication, including account name / password, OTP, QR code, social login authentication, etc
Authentication configuration
Support different authentication factors for different applications
Unified application
Application management
Support application pre integration; support the creation of custom applications (openid connect, formpost, SAML2.0, CAS, oidc and other standard protocols)
Single sign on
Support the configuration of SSO for applications
Account number supply
Support the synchronization of accounts, institutions, etc. to the application system
SaaS service access capability
Supports integration of third-party SaaS or enterprise self-built applications through OIDC, SAML, CAS, LDAP, AD and other standard protocols
Tenant-level application access capabilities
Support access to different applications according to different tenants of IDaaS identity cloud;
Workbench integration
Support enterprise wechat workbench; support adding workbench
Unified authority
Authority management
It supports application level authorization and RBAC based authorization
Permission configuration
Support authorization based on user / user group / organization
Permission synchronization
Support the synchronization of application permissions
Unified audit
User action log
Support the query and export of user operation log
Administrator operation log
Support query and export of administrator operation log
Security management
Administrator configuration
It supports the creation and deletion of administrators / administrator groups, and supports the configuration of different administrator roles
Security policy
Support password policy configuration, including password strength settings, password reset settings, login security settings, etc
Operation and maintenance & operation management capability
IDaaS tenant operation platform
The enterprise operation center supports centralized management of all tenants, applications, orders, etc. in the identity cloud; core data visualization
IDaaS operation and maintenance platform
One-click deployment belongs to the IDaaS platform, and system operation and maintenance, data monitoring, and service upgrades are all under control
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