Demand challenge
User experience not to be ignored
Consumers with keen eyes have higher and higher standards for user experience. Whether they log in to the user system or purchase financial products, user experience is the foundation of all quality services.
Cooperation between departments is blocked, and authority management is difficult
Most financial institutions have many business sectors, each with its own systems and services. This usually leads to a decrease in communication and coordination efficiency between departments, which affects the business efficiency of the company. Multi department management becomes a great challenge for different organizations.
The development is difficult and the security is facing great challenges
In the financial services industry scenario, the user system, the identity authentication link is complex, the development difficulty is greatly increased, and a large number of sensitive scenarios will be involved. In the security link, there will be a lot of challenges, and the identity link is the top priority. Any error is often fatal.
There are many employees involved in the system, so it is difficult to manage
Every financial industry staff needs to involve more than a dozen or even dozens of software tools. Every time an employee enters or leaves the company, he or she has to face the problem of account management. Whether it is processing time or information security, it needs to be improved.
Programme Value
Unforgettable customer experience
Help complete digital transformation
Multiple identity sources, click to use
Trusted enterprise security
Unforgettable customer experience
Discerning consumers have a high standard of user experience, whether they log in to check to bank or buy their favorite insurance. User experience has become the cornerstone of many of today's digital transformations, and it all starts with identity. Enable single sign-on to provide a true Omnichannel experience.
Help complete digital transformation
Set identities once and for all to speed up innovation. Authing is designed to connect any employee, supplier, partner and user with any application, ensuring security while improving ease of use, and easily integrating with your existing systems.
Multiple identity sources, click to use
Fast integration of social login mode, multi identity source. Common third-party login methods, such as WeChat, nail, microblog, etc. In Authing, you just need to click to use it.
Trusted enterprise security
Dynamic token, face recognition, and other multi-factor authentication (MFA) functions enable you to have them immediately and use them out of the box, which can comprehensively improve the system access security, guarantee the user transaction security and improve the user experience.
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