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使用 Authing,大幅提升数亿用户的登录体验,减低企业的管理效率
Industry Challenges
Missed growth opportunities
In the application matrix, different platforms will be developed, and users need multiple accounts to log in to different platforms. As a result, our users will be scattered in various platforms, and even need to conduct mutual drainage among their different products, resulting in missed growth opportunities.
The development efficiency is low and the cost is wasted seriously
Product research and development is very slow. Every time we develop an application, we have to develop a user system, and the implementation is complex. Facing different scenarios, we need different capabilities. It is a high waste of time cost and human cost.
Miscellaneous authority management
A large number of editors need to edit various categories of books online, which requires complex authority control and approval process.
Security faces great challenges
Many users need to purchase and read books online. Security will face great challenges, identity will be the first line of defense, identity authentication user management errors are often fatal.
Solution Value
Give readers a real ultimate experience
Make security trustworthy
Hundreds of millions of users
Distribution, author, editor, authority in control
Give readers a real ultimate experience
Reading books is a process of nutrition supplements. In the process of nutrition supplements, it is a painful process for students to repeatedly input their passwords. Single Sign-on helps students focus on reading instead of account and password, log in only once, and enjoy all services.
Make security trustworthy
When students buy books in a publishing house, these accounts will also become a cake to attract criminals. Compared with single password authentication, adaptive MFA such as dynamic password and face recognition is a better security upgrade.
Hundreds of millions of users
When the peak comes, the login interface will hang up and new users can't register, which will cause a fatal blow to your business. Authing will automatically scale at the peak, contributing to business success.
Distribution, author, editor, authority in control
Publishing House involves many roles, such as topic selection committee, editor, hairstyle, author, etc. each role has different permissions and groups. The RBAC permission control scheme provided by Authing can easily control all roles.